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Mason Jar Wedding Time Capsule

Weddings are getting more and more creative as time goes on.  A recent trend I noticed was the wooden wine box time capsule where the couple writes letters to each other and places them into a wooden box with a bottle of wine and nails it shut during the ceremony only to be opened on their 25th anniversary.  Cute, right?

Even though our wedding was a year and a half ago (eeep! Where did the time go?), I recently went back down memory lane when we moved into our new house and came across a box of wedding decor/supplies from our wedding.  All the wonderful memories of the day came flooding back and it was such a shame that all of this decor was wrapped up in a box!  I repurposed much of it as decor in our guest bedroom (we had a beach themed wedding and I decided on decorating the guest bedroom in nautical decor, so it was perfect!), but what about all of the little things like the programs, our invitation, some petals from our bouquet, etc?


Then yesterday, the idea came to me.  A customer on Etsy purchased one of my metal stamped mason jar lids and asked if I could stamp their name and their wedding date on it because they were getting married on the beach and wanted to bury a time capsule of mementos from the day in the spot where they got married.  How wildly romantic!


It was also the perfect idea – mason jars come in a ton of sizes (and colors too!).  I’m going to fill up a mason jar with little pieces of our special day, and top it off with a personalized lid to mark our names and date.  The mason jar (I picked the pretty blue ones we have) looks great in our nautical guest room and will hold those special treasures in one place.  Plus, it’s super easy to open and reminisce if we ever want to take that trip back down memory lane.

Some ideas of what you can add to your wedding time capsule:

Wedding invitation (you might have to fold it or roll it and tie with a pretty ribbon)
Wedding program
Place cards
Dried petals from your bouquet
If you had your dress altered and saved some of the fabric, a piece of fabric from your dress
Special hairpins you wore that day
A jump drive with your favorite wedding photos
A copy of your wedding announcement

… and so much more! Do you have any ideas of what you can add to your wedding time capsule? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Want to purchase your own custom mason jar lid? Check out my Etsy listing here – they’re only $5!

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