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DIY Wedding Bouquet

Another big project from our wedding to-do list was the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids.  Right off the bat, I decided this would be an anti-flower wedding- we were on a budget and flowers add up quickly.  The centerpieces have no flowers, we’re decorating the pews at the church with tulle ribbon and starfish, and then we have these- my DIY wedding bouquets made with, get this– silk flowers!

I scoured Michaels for coral flowers to make my bouquets with, but, I guess I was too late in the season (mid-July) as the fall flowers were already out.  After digging though the sale bin of what was left of the summer flowers, I came up with a few bunches of flowers in coral, and one bunch that was white with coral tips (perfect for my bouquet, which I wanted to keep subtle).

Here they are all ready to go.  The vases that they’re sitting in were left over from my bridal shower- I added the raffia and starfish to give it a beach vibe.  These vases will hold the bouquets at the reception.

Each bouquet has hidden starfish glued into them.  For more information about this, click here to read how I added starfish to my wedding décor!1DSC_7045
Each bouquet was wrapped with floral tape and then covered with this beautiful gradient green satin ribbon.1DSC_7046
My bouquet is mainly white hydrangeas with some green hydrangeas and the coral tipped flowers mixed in.   1DSC_7052
The bridesmaids bouquets have the coral flowers combined with white carnations (that I found at the dollar store!) and a few of the coral tipped flowers to match mine.

As if the bouquets weren’t enough, I made this bouquet for the altar at our church– most of the flowers in it were from the dollar store (who knew the dollar store had decent flowers? Not me!)

All in all, for one bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets and one altar bouquet, I spent less than $75- easily the price of just one of those bouquets if it were real!


What do you think? Would you have silk flowers at your wedding to save some money? Do you agree with me when I say they look realistic?  One bridesmaid even brought up a good point- these bouquets are extremely light, which she said was a plus because usually her arms begin to hurt while carrying around a heavy bouquet for the day– sounds like a plus to me!

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