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5 on Friday – 5 Ways To Add Starfish To Your Beach Wedding

The wedding crafting continues! We’re having a beach themed wedding, with a lot of it centered around starfish. I wanted a way to showcase all of these “smaller” wedding crafts, so I compiled them into a list of 5 ways to incorporate starfish into your beach wedding!
Starfish Wedding

1. Cake Topper
Out of the bunch, this is probably the one I’m in love with the most! I started with a large clamshell that I found on the beach and I painted it white. I then “decorated” two sugar starfish (sugar starfish is the “type” of starfish- they’re real, dried starfish- not made out of sugar though!) with a felt top hat, a bowtie that I made out of ribbon, a veil I made out of beads and lace and a little rhinestone diamond ring. When they were dry, I used silicone to glue them to the shell. My dad then cut me a piece of thick plastic for the bottom so the shell itself doesn’t have to touch the cake.

2. Accessories – hair pins and boutonnières.
This wedding is anti-flower. We really won’t have any real flowers at our wedding- the bouquets will be made from silk flowers, and the centerpieces are beach themed (more on those in a different post!), so I had to come up with a way to make non-floral boutonnières and hair pins. For the groomsmen boutonnieres, I used hot glue to glue fake grasses to the back of a dried starfish and silicone to glue a large pin to the back as well. The hairpins were made in the same way- by using silicone to glue white starfish to bobby pins (I bought ones that have a small plate on the back- perfect for gluing items to!)




3. Bouquets
I bought these bay starfish (the Beige ones were from Amazon and the coral and blue ones were from a local shop) to accent the bouquets we made. The starfish are dime-sized and I used hot glue to glue 10-15 starfish to each bouquet. My bridesmaids got coral and navy in their bouquet and I got beige and coral in my bouquet.



4. Décor
Another simple way to add starfish to your wedding is by including it in your décor. I glued starfish to the frame pictured below that will be sitting on the reception table next to the guest book. On the same table this American Flag that I made the other day also be displayed. Lastly, I have fake starfish that I’m going to scatter on that table and in the reception (on the buffet and bar).

DSC_5862 copy

5. Clip Art
An inexpensive way to include starfish is by using clip art (or purchasing a rubber stamp and stamping it yourself on items). I did both- I used clipart on these programs I designed myself and I used a purchased rubber stamp to stamp the starfish on the bags. (I purchased the rubber stamp here at Amazon) The bags will hold the programs and a mini bottle of bubbles for our ceremony.
We also ordered thank you cards and escort cards from Vista print that had starfish on them.

6. {Bonus} – Jewelry
The last one is a bonus because I don’t have any pictures of it. I incorporated starfish into the jewelry- my bridesmaids will be wearing matching rhinestone starfish necklaces and I made the mother of the bride and mother of the groom necklaces that have starfish charms on them. I don’t have any pictures because they are all gifts and I don’t want to give away the surprise if any of them check my blog!

Are you having a beach-themed wedding? Do you have any ideas I didn’t think of? Leave me a comment- I’d love to hear it!
If I inspired you and you’ll be including some of my ideas, I’d love to see it! Stop by my Facebook Page and leave me a picture or follow/tag me on Instagram – tag me @sewin2disney and use hashtag #handmadeisbetter so I can see it!

Patriotic Wood and Starfish Flag Sign

Happy 4th of July!

Today’s project is not only patriotic, but it serves double duty of recycling and as a piece of décor for our wedding!  This Beachy American flag is my way of incorporating my fiancé’s career in the Air Force with the beach theme of our wedding at the end of the month.  I’ve been looking for subtle ways to include flags in with our wedding décor, and I think this flag is going to look great on the sign-in table.  I can also consider it recycling, because we made these wood platforms as a part of our centerpieces, but we made way too many now that the RSVP cards have come back and we have a more definitive number of guests.

Enough rambling!

Patriotic Wood and Starfish Flag

– Wood (I used mason lathe- its a rough cut spruce wood sold in bundles at my hardware store)
– Craft paint in red, white and blue
– Sponge brush
– Craft starfish
– (not pictured) wood glue and hot glue gun


You can make your flag any size you wish, but I cut mine 14″ long.  I then laid 7 of them next to each other, and glued them together with a shorter piece of wood laid in the opposite direction.  You can use wood glue to secure it, or small nails if you have them.  Allow this to dry thoroughly. *Note, you’ll want an odd number of wood slats so that your stripes can begin and end with red, just as the American Flag does.


As I started making mine, my mom saw it and wanted one for herself (no problem- like I said, we made waaaay too many of these trays!).  But, she wanted hers to be slightly different than what I had in mind.  In the picture at the top of the post, hers is on the left and mine is on the right.  If you like her idea of having the field of blue on the left, then mark off where you want your blue to be and tape it off (you can use masking tape or if you have it, painters tape).1DSC_5847

Paint every other slat red and white.1DSC_5848

Re-tape off the blue area and paint the blank area blue if you are going for that option!1DSC_5854

While your wooden sign is drying, paint your starfish.  Since mine were going to be representing the field of blue, I painted mine blue and my moms white.  She also opted for one large starfish instead of four small ones.  (Can you tell we have a lot of beach-related crafting supplies lying around the house for this wedding?  I love it!)1DSC_5855

After everything has dried thoroughly, hot glue down your starfish in the upper left hand corner.
Mine will be standing on the table at the wedding, so I didn’t add anything to hang it with, but my mom is planning on hanging hers on our back porch, so she is going to add two screw in “o” hooks to the back so she can string some wire between them to hang it.

Our finished products!


DSC_5862 copy

If you make this please stop by my Facebook page and show me a picture! I’d love to see it! If Instagram is more your style, make sure you hashtag #handmadeisbetter and tag me @sewin2disney.

This project was chosen in the top 10 in the Red White and Blue Challenge at the CSI Project!
Visit thecsiproject.com

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