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5 On Friday – Favorite Photo Apps

Today’s Five on Friday is my top 5 favorite photo apps. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to narrow this list down to just five! At last count, I had 42 different photo apps.
These may be my favorite 5 apps, but there are some exceptions- I wrote this as an informative post, and I’m pretty sure that everyone knows what Instagram is, and that is truly my most used app, so that would be #1, but I left it off the list in an effort to introduce you to an app you might not know about.


*Note- I use all of these apps on my iPhone- I am not sure if these are available on any other platform.

First up is Rhonna Designs- this app is normally 1.99, but I happened to score it on a week when it was on sale for FREE! Woo!  Either way, now that I’ve used the app, I can see that it is well worth that $1.99.  This app is the app when it comes to adding graphics or text to your pictures.  Not only is there a plethora of fonts and designs, but they can all be customized to different sizes and colors.  Check out the hashtag #rhonna or #rhonnadesigns on Instagram to see what others are doing with this amazing app!

Second up is LensLight.  This app is $1.99 as well, and in my eyes, is also well worth it (I don’t often spend money on apps- in fact, in my 4 years of owning an iPhone and iPad, I’m guessing I’ve spent less than $10 total on apps).  This app is essential if you want to add lens flare or starbursts to your photos.  It’s great when you take a picture in wonderful light, but the starburst lines aren’t that well defined- this app will make your photo go from good to great!

Here’s a before and after of a photo I added a starburst too:

IMG_2789 IMG_2790

Number three on my list is Pixfx.  I love making pictures look vintage, and sometimes the filters in Instagram just don’t cut it.  This app is the mecca for vintage filters, and it also comes with some frames, bokeh (the little balls of light) and textures.  Each filter can be adjusted to your liking, either by rotating it or making it less transparent.

Next up is the Squaready app.  This is the app to go to if you want to upload a rectangular image to the always-square Instagram.  It is a quick app- upload your picture, hit a button or two, and it fits the rectangle right into the square and sends it right to Instagram.  You can also do some basic edits in this app as well.

But, the editing is all reserved for my last app- Snapseed. A picture does not get uploaded to my blog, facebook or Instagram before heading into Snapseed first.  It is by far, the best app I have found for editing pictures on the go.  There’s a section for basic edits such as contrast, brightness and saturation, a section for sharpening, cropping, straightening, and more.  I love the “selective adjust” tool where I can highlight a certain area and apply certain edits (brightness, contrast or saturation) to just a part of the image. I also love the drama effect- it works great on most photos as an all in one edit for making photos pop.  Seriously- if you only download one photo app, this one should be it.

I hope this helped you out by introducing you to at least one new app you’ve never seen before, and now it’s your turn- I’m always looking for great new apps- what is your favorite one? Leave me a note in the comments to let me know!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ Sewin2Disney to see what I can do with these apps!

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