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Non Paper Dolls – Use and Care




Welcome to the adorable world of felt ‘non paper’ dolls!  I started stitching these little guys (and gals) up just after Christmas and I’ve become obsessed with them!

Remember the paper dolls of your childhood? These are basically the same thing, but with today’s fashions and icons – and far more durable because they are made out of several layers of felt!

Read on to find out how to use them and how to best care for them.DSC_1809 While today’s electronics and high tech toys have become increasingly popular, I still love the simple pleasures of open-ended play.  As a teacher in the past, I have found that the toys that spark imagination are the ones that kids keep coming back to.  In my classroom the most popular toys were always the felt boards, blocks (and Lego), pretend play (kitchen/dress-up/etc), and race cars.  These paper dolls fit right into those categories- their possibilities for use are endless and are only limited by your little one’s imagination!


These felt paper dolls are made of several layers of felt, and are great for quiet play – car trips, waiting rooms, church, and more. Works best with your felt board or can be used on their own. The inherent nature of felt means the outfits gently “stick” to the dolls without the need for velcro or adhesives (see below regarding adhesives), and the felt makes the dolls far more durable than traditional paper dolls.

The paper dolls are great for open-ended play and your little ones will love using their imagination to mix and match the outfits to create their own unique style! The dolls can be used to tell stories, practice life skills such as color recognition, and are just a blast to play with!

If you don’t have a felt or flannel board, there are tons of tutorials out there, including this easy one that uses a painters canvas and a yard of felt or flannel. 1DSC_2602

Adhesives and Care:

When I ship my paper dolls from my Etsy Shop, I ship them plain, with the option to add a gentle adhesive to the back.  I leave the option of the glue up to the buyer as some people would rather not have any chemicals added to the dolls.  If it is chosen at checkout, the adhesive I use is Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over . It is a re-positional glue that will help the clothes and accessories ‘stick’ to the doll.  If you pick this option from my shop, please follow the following guidelines to keep your dolls and clothes looking great:
-Wipe the back of the clothes with a slightly damp cloth to remove any debris after play
-The adhesive may wear off over time, and will need to be re-applied. You can purchase this glue at many craft stores or by following the link above. Use a small brush to apply a thin coat to the back of the clothing and allow to dry. Full directions for use come with the glue.

General Care for Dolls:
-Store the dolls and accessories flat. If they become wrinkled, you can lightly iron them with an iron on a low to medium heat setting.
-Dolls can be spot cleaned. I do not recommend putting them in a washing machine.
-A lint roller can be used to remove any pet fur or particles that may ‘stick’ to the felt.


If you have any questions regarding the use and care of your dolls, do not hesitate to contact me through my Etsy shop (use the blue “contact the shop owner” button in my shop ).

With proper care and storage these dolls and outfits can truly become an heirloom piece that gets passed on for generations to come! DSC_1841

These are just some of the many designs I currently offer! NPD3

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