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DIY Satin Flower Accents {Tutorial}

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY tutorial today!

These little satin flower accents are super easy to make and can be used for a variety of things– accents on purses or clothes, turned into a necklace or even sewn onto a baby or child’s headband!

I made these as accents for my bridesmaid’s dresses and purses.  My bridesmaid’s are all wearing navy blue dresses that we bought from Nordstrom.  A similar dress can be found here (although, now it’s in teal, and it’s not carried in navy any more).  It’s a very simple one shoulder sheath dress with an allover lace overlay.  It also comes with a simple satin tie for the waist.  Our wedding colors are navy and coral, so this dress was perfect, but it needed a pop of color, so I made these flowers to add to the satin tie.

You’ll need very little to make this project:
-Scraps of satin fabric
-a piece of paper (to make a pattern)
-large beads or pearls
-hand sewing needle and thread
-a candle
-matches or a lighter
-bowl of water (juuuuust in case you should happen to catch something on fire!)
-a fire proof area to work in

*Note* – This is a very easy project, but obviously is not one for children.  You will be working around fire.  Please exercise caution and work in an area/on a fireproof surface, have a bowl of water ready, tie your hair back, roll up your sleeves, etc.

Step 1: After assembling your supplies and taking the necessary safety precautions (I can’t stress this enough!), cut out your pattern pieces. I used a piece of scrap paper and cut out three wonky circles (they are purposefully not perfect because I didn’t want my flowers to be perfect little circles, but obviously if you want them to be perfect you could use a compass or trace some circular items you have lying around). I wanted my flowers to be three layers so I made three pattern pieces, all circles, and measuring 2 inches across, 1.5 inches across and a hair over 1 inch across. You can altar these sizes to fit your needs.

Step 2: Cut out the fabric.  Using your pattern pieces as a guide, cut out your fabric.  Here you can see I needed four sets of each of my three colors- I have an array of little fabric circles!

Step 3: The dangerous step!  Make sure your bowl of water is nearby and any long hair is tied back.  Carefully light your candle, and using your tongs, hold the edge of the circle over the flame.  This will lightly singe and seal the edge.  If you hit it at the right angle and from the bottom, it will also curl up slightly which will make for a nice effect on the finished flower.  *Tip*- cut out a few extra circles to practice on.  Once you get your technique down, go for the good pieces.

Step 4- After all of your flower edges have been sealed, stack up the three pieces, largest on the bottom to smallest on the stop, and using your needle and thread, sew a few stitches through the center. I used a pearl as a center accent, but you could use a large bead or even a button.

Step 5- bask in the glory of all your little satin flowers!

I haven’t attached them to the bridesmaid dresses yet, but I did make some smaller ones and attach them to the bridesmaid clutches (which I wrote more about here.)

If you make them, please let me know in the comments what you decide to add them to! I think they would be darling attached to a little headband for babies or children (perfect photo op for all you photographers out there!).

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