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Busy Books / Quiet Book

I haven’t had a chance to share some of the new items in my Etsy shop in awhile, but my new busy books are just too big not to share!  I was asked by a few people to design a felt embroidered busy book / quiet book for toddlers and children, and this is what I came up with!

This is the full set (with even more pages that are shown!) – this is the basic set plus some of the add on pages, which can be purchased here 1DSC_3534

This is the basic book, which can be purchased here. Keep reading to see what each page is all about!1DSC_3556

The basic book comes with the front cover (that features a pocket on the back to store loose pieces) as well as two rings that open up to easily add more pages.1DSC_3562 1DSC_3543

The next page has an embroidered tic tac toe board, as well as 12 tic tac toe pieces for a game on the go! 1DSC_3549

The drawing page comes with a clear dry erase pocket that fits 3×5 index cards – simply slide in a card and play a variety of games – hangman, the dot game, draw a face, or anything else you can think of!1DSC_3551 1DSC_3553 1DSC_3554

The shoelace page helps little hands learn how to independently tie their shoes!1DSC_3547

The clock page features an appliquéd clock face, embroidered numbers and two hands that can move independent from each other to practice telling time.DSC_3563

This page features allover dry erase plastic with embroidered lines behind it to practice writing your alphabet, spelling words, letter writing, etc.1DSC_3550 1DSC_3552

Besides the basic book, I also offer several add on pages. One of my favorites is the dress a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head!1DSC_3537

The Mr. Potato Head comes with everything pictured below.1DSC_3538

The Mrs. Potato Head comes with everything pictured below1DSC_3540

Both the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head pages come with a pocket on the back to store their pieces.1DSC_3557

To go along with my Non Paper Dolls, I made a doll page, with the doll appliquéd right to the page!1DSC_3545

Dress him or her up with any of my outfits (sold separately)1DSC_3544
The baking page is another one of my favorites – an oven with a clear pocket is appliquéd to the page and comes with 9 cookies. Each cookie has a different number of chips embroidered on to them so your child can practice counting, sequencing and more!DSC_3559 DSC_3561


And the last page is this train buttoning page – the wheels of the train are removable and attach with buttons so your little one can practice buttoning and unbuttoning all on their own!1DSC_3548


I have more pages in the works, so keep checking my Etsy shop to see when they’re listed!  Have an idea for a page? Leave me a message in the comments!

Easy, Portable Non Paper Doll Storage


So you’ve been buying up all those ridiculously adorable Non Paper Dolls for your kiddos (or yourself 😉 I won’t judge!) and you need an quick and inexpensive storage solution that doubles as a felt play mat – I’ve got the easiest solution for you – paper doll storage!  This paper doll storage also doubles as a felt board or flannel board. 

I found this plastic project case at my local Michaels craft store – it is meant for storing scrapbooking supplies, so it is in their paper crafting section (close up of the label below).  If you don’t have a craft store nearby or just prefer to shop on Amazon, they have a similar one here: Slim Scrapbook Case
The best part of this case is that it is about 1.5 inches thick and has a carrying handle. Takes up next to no space and easy to grab for fun on the run!

The price is the same at both – about $10, but at Michaels you can always use that 40% coupon!
You will also need some felt – if you go with the smaller 8×11 case like I did, two felt sheets will suffice – if you go with the larger 12×12 case, you’ll need approximately 1/3 of a yard of felt. Also grab some plastic-safe glue – I love silicone glue or a heavy duty spray adhesive.


Here’s a close up of the label:DSC_2841

The project couldn’t be simpler – trim or cut the felt to fit on the inside of the case, glue down with your glue or spray adhesive and allow to dry.  When dry, your felt dolls and accessories will stick to the felt for easy playing, and when you’re done playing, just close up the case and everything will be stored neatly inside!DSC_2844

Viola! Instant play on the go- great for grabbing on the way to a doctors appointment, a long trip in the car or airplane, or even when you’re visiting a friend’s house who may not have many toys for your kids to play with!


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