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Craft Show Headband Stand 

I’ve been on such an embroidering kick lately! Over the past few months, I’ve amassed quite the collection of embroidered headbands and it was time I did something about my sad way of displaying them at craft shows (I was using a kiddie inner tube!).

I wasn’t planning on writing a tutorial on how I made the headband stand, but since I didn’t really see any tutorials out there when I was making mine, I figured I should share- hopefully it’ll help even one person.  Since I wasn’t planning on blogging this, I don’t really have any ‘good’ photos – these are just quick snapshots from my cell phone.  But the project is fairly straightforward, so it should be good.

To start, I went to the hardware store and bought the 4 inch PVC pipe that has the holes in it. I asked the employee to cut it down to me – I got two pieces cut to 24 inches and one cut to 18 inches, but you can do whatever works for you.

You will also need some sort of wooden plaque to use as the base, batting (I grabbed some fleece from the remnant bin- works the same and it ended up being cheaper), a hot glue gun, dowels – the same size as the holes in the PVC pipe, scissors, a few nails and some cute fabric to cover your stands in.  Totally optional, but 4 inch wooden circles can be used to cover the ends of the pipe when you’re done to give it a nice finish, and you might want some spray paint to paint the wood. 

Here is the basis for how these are going to be assembled – the dowels are going to go into the PVC pipe, and then nailed into the wooden base.   I measured the distance between the holes, marked it out on my wooden plaque and drilled some starter holes in both the plaque and the dowels so I wouldn’t split them when I was nailing them together. 

Here are both of my stands, assembled and painted.  You’ll notice that the dowels are different widths apart – because of the way the holes fell once the PVC pieces were cut down, the distance was different – make sure you measure each one individually! 

While the base is drying, cover the pipe with your batting (or fleece), and then [not pictured] cover with your fabric.

Using an exacto knife or scissors, cut holes through your fabric where the dowels of the stand will go. Then use a liberal amount of hot glue to secure the dowels from the stand into the holes in the PVC pipe. 

Finish off by adding the wooden circles to the end (you can cover them with fabric if you’d like, or just leave them plain), and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. 

I wish I had a better picture of it all done, but on the right side of the table you’ll see my 3 level headband stand covered in headbands! I already think its time to make a fourth one.

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