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DIY Easy Burlap Christmas Stockings

Going along with my handmade Christmas decorations (like my Holiday Burlap Banner or my Ruffled Tree Skirt), today I made a pair of burlap Christmas stockings for my hubby and myself.  I knew we needed some stockings but just like my tree skirt, I had several ideas in mind when I went into the fabric store, but as soon as I stepped inside and saw this printed burlap, I knew exactly what I wanted to make!  These stockings were so easy, I had them sewn and hanging in under an hour (and that’s with me photographing every step of the way- I’m sure you could have them done even quicker!)
Burlap Stockings DIY

You’ll need the following (for each stocking)
1/2 yard of burlap
1/2 yard of felt (a half yard of felt will be enough for 2 stockings since felt is typically 72″ wide)
1 Shank button
decorative buttons
thread to match
Typical sewing supplies- sewing machine, scissors, straight pins, etc.

These directions are to make 1 stocking. Adjust as necessary to make more than one.

Step 1
Cut out 2 stockings from burlap and 2 from the felt (which will act as the lining). I sketched out a stocking shape on a piece of newspaper, but I’m sure you could find some printable templates online. For the cuff, cut 2 rectangles that are as wide as the top of your stocking and twice as long as you’d like the cuff to be. (So I wanted my cuff to be 4 inches long and my stocking was 5 inches wide, so I cut 2 rectangles 5 inches by 8 inches).  In the photo below you’ll see I have two cuffs on the left opened up and two cuffs on the right folded in half.

Burlap Stockings 1

Step 2

Place right sides together and sew a 1/2 seam around the stockings and the linings, leaving the top end open.  Backstitch at the beginning and end.
Burlap Stockings 2

Step 3

Fold both cuff pieces in half (so that the short ends are touching) and then lay one folded piece on top of the other, and sew down the short sides.
Burlap Stockings 3

Step 4

Trim.  You’re going to trim the lining (The felt pieces) very close to your stitching and the burlap piece you are going to grade the seams (cut one seam allowance shorter than the other) and clip the curves.
Burlap Stockings 4

Here you can better see the grading of the seam on the burlap piece.  Trim the cuff seam as well.
Burlap Stockings 5

Step 5

Turn the burlap piece right side out (and not pictured here) turn the cuff piece right side out.  Slide the lining into the outer burlap stocking- the wrong sides of each should be facing each other now.  Slide the cuff into the opening of the stocking and pin around the uppermost edge.  (Not shown- sorry! I forgot to photograph this).  Sew around the uppermost edge with a 1/2 inch seam.
Burlap Stockings 6

Step 7

Pull the cuff out of the stocking, fold back the burlap piece and trim down all of the felt pieces.  Leave the burlap seam allowance long because burlap tends to fray.
Burlap Stockings 7

Step 8

Fold the cuff down to the outside.  At this point you could leave it as is, or you can decorate with decorative buttons.  I did three tortoiseshell buttons on my husbands mustache stocking and 3 buttons to form Mickey’s head on my Mickey stocking.

On the backside, I sewed a shank button near the top of the cuff so that I had something to hang a string on to hang the stockings up.  You could omit this and sew the string right to the stocking, but I liked how this looked better.
Burlap Stocking 9

Burlap Stocking 8

Finally, “hang your stockings by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there”
Burlap Stockings 10

I wish our mantle looked this good! Actually, we live in an apartment, so our stockings are currently hanging on our TV stand.  This is the fireplace in our apartment complex’s clubhouse.
Burlap Stockings 8


Did you make some stockings of your own? I’d love to see them! Leave me a comment here or stop by my Facebook page and leave me a picture. Is Instagram more your style? Follow me at @SewIn2Disney so that you can tag me in your picture and make sure you use hashtag #handmadeisbetter

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