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5 on Friday – 5 Ways To Add Starfish To Your Beach Wedding

The wedding crafting continues! We’re having a beach themed wedding, with a lot of it centered around starfish. I wanted a way to showcase all of these “smaller” wedding crafts, so I compiled them into a list of 5 ways to incorporate starfish into your beach wedding!
Starfish Wedding

1. Cake Topper
Out of the bunch, this is probably the one I’m in love with the most! I started with a large clamshell that I found on the beach and I painted it white. I then “decorated” two sugar starfish (sugar starfish is the “type” of starfish- they’re real, dried starfish- not made out of sugar though!) with a felt top hat, a bowtie that I made out of ribbon, a veil I made out of beads and lace and a little rhinestone diamond ring. When they were dry, I used silicone to glue them to the shell. My dad then cut me a piece of thick plastic for the bottom so the shell itself doesn’t have to touch the cake.

2. Accessories – hair pins and boutonnières.
This wedding is anti-flower. We really won’t have any real flowers at our wedding- the bouquets will be made from silk flowers, and the centerpieces are beach themed (more on those in a different post!), so I had to come up with a way to make non-floral boutonnières and hair pins. For the groomsmen boutonnieres, I used hot glue to glue fake grasses to the back of a dried starfish and silicone to glue a large pin to the back as well. The hairpins were made in the same way- by using silicone to glue white starfish to bobby pins (I bought ones that have a small plate on the back- perfect for gluing items to!)




3. Bouquets
I bought these bay starfish (the Beige ones were from Amazon and the coral and blue ones were from a local shop) to accent the bouquets we made. The starfish are dime-sized and I used hot glue to glue 10-15 starfish to each bouquet. My bridesmaids got coral and navy in their bouquet and I got beige and coral in my bouquet.



4. Décor
Another simple way to add starfish to your wedding is by including it in your décor. I glued starfish to the frame pictured below that will be sitting on the reception table next to the guest book. On the same table this American Flag that I made the other day also be displayed. Lastly, I have fake starfish that I’m going to scatter on that table and in the reception (on the buffet and bar).

DSC_5862 copy

5. Clip Art
An inexpensive way to include starfish is by using clip art (or purchasing a rubber stamp and stamping it yourself on items). I did both- I used clipart on these programs I designed myself and I used a purchased rubber stamp to stamp the starfish on the bags. (I purchased the rubber stamp here at Amazon) The bags will hold the programs and a mini bottle of bubbles for our ceremony.
We also ordered thank you cards and escort cards from Vista print that had starfish on them.

6. {Bonus} – Jewelry
The last one is a bonus because I don’t have any pictures of it. I incorporated starfish into the jewelry- my bridesmaids will be wearing matching rhinestone starfish necklaces and I made the mother of the bride and mother of the groom necklaces that have starfish charms on them. I don’t have any pictures because they are all gifts and I don’t want to give away the surprise if any of them check my blog!

Are you having a beach-themed wedding? Do you have any ideas I didn’t think of? Leave me a comment- I’d love to hear it!
If I inspired you and you’ll be including some of my ideas, I’d love to see it! Stop by my Facebook Page and leave me a picture or follow/tag me on Instagram – tag me @sewin2disney and use hashtag #handmadeisbetter so I can see it!

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