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Patriotic Air Force Cupcakes

In addition to the Welcome Home Wreath I made for my husbands deployment homecoming, I also made these Air Force Cupcakes to bring to his crew. I knew that they would be flying for almost 12 hours and I figured some homemade cupcakes would be a welcome sight.
Patriotic Air Force Cupcakes

I used a box mix and canned frosting (shock! I know!), but I dolled them up with some of my decorating tips.1DSC_7172

First I started by making the airplanes – to do so, I sketched out a small (about 2 inch) airplane based on some pictures I found online of his plane (the KC-135).1DSC00211

Then I lined my baking sheet with a piece of wax paper and slid my drawing underneath.

In a small pastry bag, I melted about 1/2 cup of Wilton Chocolate melts (I literally put the wafers into the bag and microwaved it on 10 second increments until I could feel that it was mushy.  Don’t put your tip on until after it is melted!1DSC00212

Then, using a #1 tip, I carefully traced over my airplane shape on the wax paper.  I started out with a #2 tip, but those airplanes (top row- the two on the right) were very messy, so I went down to my #1 tip.  Make more than you’ll think you need because #1, you’ll get better as you go along and the first few aren’t going to look too pretty and #2, just in case some break as you’re peeling them off the paper – none of mine did, but you never know!1DSC00213

Here they all are– you can see the top row looks gross!1DSC00215

I went from bad….1DSC00216

To much better!  I also learned that if you tap the tray on the table several times, it’ll help even out the chocolate and get rid of any bubbles.1DSC00217

I also piped out some words (wow was this ever so difficult!  I think I piped out “welcome” 6 times before it looked normal!)

Allow the chocolate to dry (I let mine dry overnight, but you could always throw it in the fridge to speed it up) and carefully peel it off of the wax paper and stick it to your frosted cupcakes.1DSC_7162

To make the flag cupcakes, I split my icing into 3 bowls – one bowl had about 40% of my total icing, and the other two had about 20% each.  Blue food coloring went into the 40% bowl, and red food coloring went into one of the 20% bowls (the third was left white).  Mix the food coloring thoroughly.

To start, I filled my pastry bag with the blue frosting and a #21 star tip.  I piped little stars onto 1/4 of the cupcake (to make up the field of blue on the flag). I did this on 12 out of my 24 cupcakes.  On the other 12, I swirled the remainder  of the blue to make the sky for my chocolate airplanes.

Next I switched out the blue to red and piped little stars into 4 rows (see photo below for placement), and then finally, I piped white stars to finish off the flag. (see below on what to do with the remainder of the white)1DSC_7151 1DSC_7149 To make the sky look more sky-like, I swirled a bit of white to make little clouds for the chocolate plane to fly through.  After that, I carefully placed my chocolate planes on top.1DSC_7153

One more shot, just because I can’t stop looking at them!1DSC_7146

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