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Mason Jar Wedding Time Capsule

Weddings are getting more and more creative as time goes on.  A recent trend I noticed was the wooden wine box time capsule where the couple writes letters to each other and places them into a wooden box with a bottle of wine and nails it shut during the ceremony only to be opened on their 25th anniversary.  Cute, right?

Even though our wedding was a year and a half ago (eeep! Where did the time go?), I recently went back down memory lane when we moved into our new house and came across a box of wedding decor/supplies from our wedding.  All the wonderful memories of the day came flooding back and it was such a shame that all of this decor was wrapped up in a box!  I repurposed much of it as decor in our guest bedroom (we had a beach themed wedding and I decided on decorating the guest bedroom in nautical decor, so it was perfect!), but what about all of the little things like the programs, our invitation, some petals from our bouquet, etc?


Then yesterday, the idea came to me.  A customer on Etsy purchased one of my metal stamped mason jar lids and asked if I could stamp their name and their wedding date on it because they were getting married on the beach and wanted to bury a time capsule of mementos from the day in the spot where they got married.  How wildly romantic!


It was also the perfect idea – mason jars come in a ton of sizes (and colors too!).  I’m going to fill up a mason jar with little pieces of our special day, and top it off with a personalized lid to mark our names and date.  The mason jar (I picked the pretty blue ones we have) looks great in our nautical guest room and will hold those special treasures in one place.  Plus, it’s super easy to open and reminisce if we ever want to take that trip back down memory lane.

Some ideas of what you can add to your wedding time capsule:

Wedding invitation (you might have to fold it or roll it and tie with a pretty ribbon)
Wedding program
Place cards
Dried petals from your bouquet
If you had your dress altered and saved some of the fabric, a piece of fabric from your dress
Special hairpins you wore that day
A jump drive with your favorite wedding photos
A copy of your wedding announcement

… and so much more! Do you have any ideas of what you can add to your wedding time capsule? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Want to purchase your own custom mason jar lid? Check out my Etsy listing here – they’re only $5!

Just Linked! Our Wienermobile Wedding Story!

Just a quick post today to say that I will be away from my blog for the first week of August because I’ll be on my honeymoon! My husband and I got married on July 28th (scroll down to browse through my site to see all of the DIY prep I did for our big day!).

The main event? The Wienermobile! Yes….we had the most non-traditional limo one could have- a  27 foot long hot dog on wheels!





(last photo courtesy of our wedding photographer, Erin of 5th Ave Photography

And now onto the story on how this all came to be.
At the end of June, I ran into Molly and Steve (our Hotogger drivers) at the Shop Rite in Lacey where they were stopped for the afternoon with the Wienermobile. I was pretty sure that I had scared them as I ran up to the Wienermobile grabbing cameras and lenses out of my purse and taking pictures, but they assured me I wasn’t nuts. (Click Here to see pictures from that day) I spent quite a bit of time with them, talking, and I explained how the Wienermobile was my dream car and how I was getting married the following month and joked that the Wienermobile would be my dream limo. The two hotdoggers looked at each other and exchanged a glance, and before I knew it, I was given a card with an email address where I could request the Wienermobile for an event. It was a long shot, but I was on such a hot dog high that I decided to give it a try, and went home to promptly write a letter. Once I started writing, the words were flowing and before I knew it I had a one page essay full of corny hot dog puns. I sent it off, but got an auto-reply saying I had to apply at least three months in advance. I really never expected this to all work so I wasn’t too dissapointed.
A few weeks later, Oscar Mayer started their summer Wienermobile promotion called the Wienermobile Run where they’re pitting the six Wienermobiles against each other in different “challenges” during the summer. They asked for user-submitted challenges, so I thought “what the heck” and I submitted my essay again.
I was ecstatic when a week before our wedding I got an email from Oscar Mayer asking if they could contact me to discuss the timeline of my wedding because they were interested in possibly showing up! I went back and forth with their representative and got the final confirmation that they would be coming on the Monday before the wedding. Believe me when I said I was dancing around screaming when I found out this amazing news! Somehow I managed to keep it a secret from almost everyone (including my husband-to-be…. I only told him 4 days before the wedding!). The rest is history. The hotdoggers planned their day perfectly and drove up just before we exited the church so they were there and waiting for us as we left. They handed out Wiener Whistles to our guests, and my mom even got the crowd to sing “Oh I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener” as we toasted our champagne glasses.
It really is a day we will not soon forget!

ETA: We were featured on the Oscar Mayer Hotdogger Blog! Click here to read it!

Below, I copied and pasted the email that I sent off to Oscar Mayer that ultimately got us the Wienermobile as our wedding car.

Yesterday, I was one lucky dog when I got the chance to meat the Wienermobile at my local food store in Lacey Township, New Jersey. I had a bunderful time ketch(ing)up with the two amazing Hotdoggers who drove the “Oh I Wish” Wienermobile. While I was hamming it up with them, I took a Wienermobile postcard and told them I was going to mail it to my fiancé who is currently deployed overseas. We got to talking and I mentioned how I’ve always claimed the Winermobile was my dream car and how obsessed I’ve been with it since I was just a cocktail wienie (little kid). I then told them that my fiancé and I would be getting linked (married) at the end of July and that I always joked that the Winermobile would be the perfect limo for our wedding. The two Hotdoggers exchanged a glance and before I knew it, I was given this email address to request the Winermobile for our wedding. I know the Hotdoggers spend a year away from their families and I think they felt for me when I told them how much time we have to spend apart while he is away defending our freedom. Even though our distance is bacon me crazy, I know it’ll all be worth it when he is home safe and sound and we can begin our lives together.

A little back story about us: My fiancé, Michael, and I have known each other since 5th grade, but college and his career in the Air Force meant that we hadn’t seen each other for years. Recently, we reconnected online, dated long distance for a year (he is stationed in WA, and I still live in our hometown in NJ), got engaged last May, and are now getting married on July 28th, 2013. He is a pilot in the Air Force and is currently deployed to Kyrgyzstan. He will be coming home 5 days before our wedding, and I’ve been planning our wedding while he is away. I am hand-making as much of our wedding as possible so that it will have a personal touch. I want our wedding day to be outside the bun, and I’d really relish the opportunity to get to ride shotbun on our wedding day!

I know the website states that you should apply at least 3 months in advance, but I just found out about it yesterday, so to help sway your decision for this last minute event meat-up, I present you with:

Top 5 Reasons Why the Wienermobile Should Show Up To Dana and Michael’s Wedding:

1. It would be a memory to relish for both of us (and our guests!)
2. How often does the Wienermobile say it got to toast its buns at the famous Jersey Shore?
3. The Wienermobile would look frank-tastic with a “Just Married” sign on its buns! Who ever sausage a thing?
4. We would have such a bunderful time taking the scenic-kraut from our ceremony to our reception!
5. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to ride to their wedding in a Wienermobile? It would definitely spice up our wedding and I would be grilled if it showed up on July 28th to make some bunderful memories that we will treasure always.

I leave you with this:
Oh I wish I had the Oscar Mayer Wiener (mobile)
Come to our wedding in July-eye-eye
‘Cause if I had the Oscar Mayer Weiner (mobile)
I’d be one happy bride-ide-ide

Frank you very much,

Bridesmaid/Mother Gifts

Our rehearsal dinner was tonight, so I can finally share my bridesmaid and mother of the bride/mother of the groom gifts!

A few months ago, I shared the Handmade Bridesmaid Clutches I made for the girls (and what I filled them with), but in addition to the clutches, I made them bracelets to wear to the wedding. They have Swarovski crystals, pearls and glass beads in our wedding colors of coral and navy.

I also purchased these starfish necklaces for them to wear as well.  I created the box inserts in Photoshop- they say “thank you for standing by my side on my wedding day” and I placed them inside jewelry boxes that I decorated with a starfish stamp.
I placed the bracelet in an organza bag, and then placed the bracelet, necklace and clutch into a box, wrapped it with blue paper and raffia, and placed a thank you tag (with a starfish!) on it.
For the mothers, I have to say, I was stumped.  I finally decided to make them each a necklace- my moms is on the left, it is a drop necklace with an infinity symbol and her box insert reads “Thank you mom for your infinite love”.  For the mother of the groom, I made a metal stamped necklace with our wedding date on it.  Both moms got starfish charms in going with the theme of the wedding.
The guys all got engraved pocket watches from Things Remembered, which I wrapped with the tie we want them to wear on the big day.

All in all, the gifts were a huge hit, and now we’re counting down the hours until the big day!

Wedding Guest Bags

Today we dropped off the wedding guest bags to the hotel- we have a lot of guests coming from out of state, so my mom thought it would be a nice idea if we made up little “welcome bags” that they’ll receive when they check in.
It is nothing extravagant, each bag contains two bottles of water, and some snacks- granola bars, chips, peanut butter and cheese crackers, Hershey kisses and hard candy.

I designed the labels on the outside of the bag in Photoshop, and the water bottle labels were downloaded from here. I downloaded them, opened them in word, and changed the names, dates and fonts (because I am obsessed with fonts and have put the trillion I have downloaded to good use!).

The bag with two bottles:

The fronts of the bottles:

The backs of the bottles:

A close up of the “nutrition facts” How cute is that?

Last, I tied off each bag with some ribbon. I found that cute “we tied the knot” ribbon in the dollar bin at Michaels- I was so excited!

Wedding Toasting Flutes

Only a few days left until the wedding and I’m still crafting!
My mom mentioned that I should have personalized toasting flutes for the wedding, so I went on a wild goose hunt for some. When I came up with nothing, I went to WalMart, got some blank champaigne glasses and dolled them up.
It was an easy project that took me less than 10 minutes and cost $2.50!

Basic directions:
I used my Cricut machine to cut out the words “Mr” and “Mrs” on contact paper. I carefully peeled out the letters and used the remaining portion as my stencil. I cleaned off the glasses with a little rubbing alcohol, then applied the stencils and made sure all the edges were firmly affixed to the glass. I then used Armor etch, etching cream, to cover the letters. After letting it sit for about 10 minutes, I rinsed it off, peeled off my stencil and washed my glasses! Easy peasy.


PS: Want a delicious champagne? Try Verde – it is technically a sparkling wine, but it is so yummy!


DIY Wedding Bouquet

Another big project from our wedding to-do list was the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids.  Right off the bat, I decided this would be an anti-flower wedding- we were on a budget and flowers add up quickly.  The centerpieces have no flowers, we’re decorating the pews at the church with tulle ribbon and starfish, and then we have these- my DIY wedding bouquets made with, get this– silk flowers!

I scoured Michaels for coral flowers to make my bouquets with, but, I guess I was too late in the season (mid-July) as the fall flowers were already out.  After digging though the sale bin of what was left of the summer flowers, I came up with a few bunches of flowers in coral, and one bunch that was white with coral tips (perfect for my bouquet, which I wanted to keep subtle).

Here they are all ready to go.  The vases that they’re sitting in were left over from my bridal shower- I added the raffia and starfish to give it a beach vibe.  These vases will hold the bouquets at the reception.

Each bouquet has hidden starfish glued into them.  For more information about this, click here to read how I added starfish to my wedding décor!1DSC_7045
Each bouquet was wrapped with floral tape and then covered with this beautiful gradient green satin ribbon.1DSC_7046
My bouquet is mainly white hydrangeas with some green hydrangeas and the coral tipped flowers mixed in.   1DSC_7052
The bridesmaids bouquets have the coral flowers combined with white carnations (that I found at the dollar store!) and a few of the coral tipped flowers to match mine.

As if the bouquets weren’t enough, I made this bouquet for the altar at our church– most of the flowers in it were from the dollar store (who knew the dollar store had decent flowers? Not me!)

All in all, for one bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets and one altar bouquet, I spent less than $75- easily the price of just one of those bouquets if it were real!


What do you think? Would you have silk flowers at your wedding to save some money? Do you agree with me when I say they look realistic?  One bridesmaid even brought up a good point- these bouquets are extremely light, which she said was a plus because usually her arms begin to hurt while carrying around a heavy bouquet for the day– sounds like a plus to me!

Faux Chalkboard Menu : Bar / Signature Drink

I’m on a faux chalkboard menu kick– this time it is a menu for our bar and includes the ingredients for our signature cocktail and signature (non-alcoholic) mocktail! (Check out the other faux chalkboard menu I made for the buffet here.
Our reception does not have a built-in bar, so we had to supply the alcohol, hence the reason to list the items that the bartenders have on hand. My mom and sister do not drink, so my mom created a signature “mocktail” that is non-alcoholic, and I created a signature cocktail that has all my favorite ingredients in it!

Bar Sign_edited-2

Click the freebies tab above to see my other chalkboard art and to find out where I got my awesome background from!

Getting married and want one of these for your own? Feel free to contact me via Etsy or here and I’d be happy to work with you to create a custom listing!

Faux Chalkboard Menu

I am all over that new chalkboard trend (complete with trying to learn how to do the hand-lettering typography!) A few months ago, I made a few chalkboard signs out of trays to use at our wedding. Now with less than two weeks to go, I realized that I didn’t make enough chalkboards (I want to use one at the guest book table, one on the bar to announce our signature drink, one on the escort card table announcing our Instagram hashtag and one for the buffet that lists the menu). Since I’m short a chalkboard (and short on time to make another one), I created a faux chalkboard menu in Photoshop and I just had to share it with you!
If there’s enough interest, I may do another post on my favorite fonts for creating these chalkboard printables because they are so much fun to create and I’m addicted to them!

I can’t wait to pick up a frame to put this baby in!
Menu copy

Click the freebies tab above to see my other chalkboard art and to find out where I got my awesome background from!

Getting married and want one of these for your own? Feel free to contact me via Etsy or here and I’d be happy to work with you to create a custom listing!

5 on Friday – 5 Ways To Add Starfish To Your Beach Wedding

The wedding crafting continues! We’re having a beach themed wedding, with a lot of it centered around starfish. I wanted a way to showcase all of these “smaller” wedding crafts, so I compiled them into a list of 5 ways to incorporate starfish into your beach wedding!
Starfish Wedding

1. Cake Topper
Out of the bunch, this is probably the one I’m in love with the most! I started with a large clamshell that I found on the beach and I painted it white. I then “decorated” two sugar starfish (sugar starfish is the “type” of starfish- they’re real, dried starfish- not made out of sugar though!) with a felt top hat, a bowtie that I made out of ribbon, a veil I made out of beads and lace and a little rhinestone diamond ring. When they were dry, I used silicone to glue them to the shell. My dad then cut me a piece of thick plastic for the bottom so the shell itself doesn’t have to touch the cake.

2. Accessories – hair pins and boutonnières.
This wedding is anti-flower. We really won’t have any real flowers at our wedding- the bouquets will be made from silk flowers, and the centerpieces are beach themed (more on those in a different post!), so I had to come up with a way to make non-floral boutonnières and hair pins. For the groomsmen boutonnieres, I used hot glue to glue fake grasses to the back of a dried starfish and silicone to glue a large pin to the back as well. The hairpins were made in the same way- by using silicone to glue white starfish to bobby pins (I bought ones that have a small plate on the back- perfect for gluing items to!)




3. Bouquets
I bought these bay starfish (the Beige ones were from Amazon and the coral and blue ones were from a local shop) to accent the bouquets we made. The starfish are dime-sized and I used hot glue to glue 10-15 starfish to each bouquet. My bridesmaids got coral and navy in their bouquet and I got beige and coral in my bouquet.



4. Décor
Another simple way to add starfish to your wedding is by including it in your décor. I glued starfish to the frame pictured below that will be sitting on the reception table next to the guest book. On the same table this American Flag that I made the other day also be displayed. Lastly, I have fake starfish that I’m going to scatter on that table and in the reception (on the buffet and bar).

DSC_5862 copy

5. Clip Art
An inexpensive way to include starfish is by using clip art (or purchasing a rubber stamp and stamping it yourself on items). I did both- I used clipart on these programs I designed myself and I used a purchased rubber stamp to stamp the starfish on the bags. (I purchased the rubber stamp here at Amazon) The bags will hold the programs and a mini bottle of bubbles for our ceremony.
We also ordered thank you cards and escort cards from Vista print that had starfish on them.

6. {Bonus} – Jewelry
The last one is a bonus because I don’t have any pictures of it. I incorporated starfish into the jewelry- my bridesmaids will be wearing matching rhinestone starfish necklaces and I made the mother of the bride and mother of the groom necklaces that have starfish charms on them. I don’t have any pictures because they are all gifts and I don’t want to give away the surprise if any of them check my blog!

Are you having a beach-themed wedding? Do you have any ideas I didn’t think of? Leave me a comment- I’d love to hear it!
If I inspired you and you’ll be including some of my ideas, I’d love to see it! Stop by my Facebook Page and leave me a picture or follow/tag me on Instagram – tag me @sewin2disney and use hashtag #handmadeisbetter so I can see it!

Patriotic Wood and Starfish Flag Sign

Happy 4th of July!

Today’s project is not only patriotic, but it serves double duty of recycling and as a piece of décor for our wedding!  This Beachy American flag is my way of incorporating my fiancé’s career in the Air Force with the beach theme of our wedding at the end of the month.  I’ve been looking for subtle ways to include flags in with our wedding décor, and I think this flag is going to look great on the sign-in table.  I can also consider it recycling, because we made these wood platforms as a part of our centerpieces, but we made way too many now that the RSVP cards have come back and we have a more definitive number of guests.

Enough rambling!

Patriotic Wood and Starfish Flag

– Wood (I used mason lathe- its a rough cut spruce wood sold in bundles at my hardware store)
– Craft paint in red, white and blue
– Sponge brush
– Craft starfish
– (not pictured) wood glue and hot glue gun


You can make your flag any size you wish, but I cut mine 14″ long.  I then laid 7 of them next to each other, and glued them together with a shorter piece of wood laid in the opposite direction.  You can use wood glue to secure it, or small nails if you have them.  Allow this to dry thoroughly. *Note, you’ll want an odd number of wood slats so that your stripes can begin and end with red, just as the American Flag does.


As I started making mine, my mom saw it and wanted one for herself (no problem- like I said, we made waaaay too many of these trays!).  But, she wanted hers to be slightly different than what I had in mind.  In the picture at the top of the post, hers is on the left and mine is on the right.  If you like her idea of having the field of blue on the left, then mark off where you want your blue to be and tape it off (you can use masking tape or if you have it, painters tape).1DSC_5847

Paint every other slat red and white.1DSC_5848

Re-tape off the blue area and paint the blank area blue if you are going for that option!1DSC_5854

While your wooden sign is drying, paint your starfish.  Since mine were going to be representing the field of blue, I painted mine blue and my moms white.  She also opted for one large starfish instead of four small ones.  (Can you tell we have a lot of beach-related crafting supplies lying around the house for this wedding?  I love it!)1DSC_5855

After everything has dried thoroughly, hot glue down your starfish in the upper left hand corner.
Mine will be standing on the table at the wedding, so I didn’t add anything to hang it with, but my mom is planning on hanging hers on our back porch, so she is going to add two screw in “o” hooks to the back so she can string some wire between them to hang it.

Our finished products!


DSC_5862 copy

If you make this please stop by my Facebook page and show me a picture! I’d love to see it! If Instagram is more your style, make sure you hashtag #handmadeisbetter and tag me @sewin2disney.

This project was chosen in the top 10 in the Red White and Blue Challenge at the CSI Project!

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