The Ultimate “I’m Going to Disney” Gift Set

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Disney! I haven’t featured too many Disney crafts on my blog recently and that’s because I haven’t been to Walt Disney World in FOUR years! Four! (We did go to Disneyland twice in there, but they were both real quick trips. Disneyland is still amazing but it’s no Disney World ūüėČ )

A few months ago, my husband and I were in the car and out of the blue he said those magical words “hey- do you want to plan a trip to Disney this summer?” Is he new around here? Of course I do! ¬†We booked our trip, picked out our restaurants to make ADR’s (Disney-speak for ‘reservations’), carefully chose our Fastpass + selections and more. ¬†Our Magic Bands just came in the mail the other day and now it’s starting to become real!

I’ve been crafting like crazy these days – mostly with my embroidery machine, and I want to share this ultimate “I’m Going To Disney” gift set. ¬†This set would be great for helping get your kids ready for Disney, or to give as a gift for someone you know who’s making the trip, or just ¬†for the Disney fanatic in your life! ¬†I’m a 30-something year old with no kids and I love everything on this list, so its not just for kids! The best part about this list is that it features all small businesses, so instead of supporting large corporations, you’ll be supporting a small business.


1. Yay! You booked your trip! ¬†Now your kids are asking “How many days until we go to Disney?” on a daily (hourly?) basis! ¬†Enter the countdown calendar – make enough paper chains to count down and let them remove one chain a day until it’s time to leave.

Purchase here: Countdown Calendar

1DSC_2905 1DSC_2895


2. ¬†You’re spending hours on My Disney Experience planning your perfect trip when it suddenly hits you how many tens of thousands of people will be in the park with you. What if your little one wanders away and gets separated from you? ¬†Enter this hand stamped necklace. ¬†On the front, it looks like an ordinary necklace, the sturdy washer means it can be worn by both boys and girls, and can be customized with whatever you want – several Disney-like phrases are suggested; hakuna matata, to infinity and beyond, let it go, etc. But the bag is where the magic is – on the back side your phone number is stamped. ¬†Just teach your kids if they get lost to go up to the nearest Disney Cast Member and show them the back of their necklace. You’ll be reunited in no time!

Purchase here: Child Safety Necklace


3. Time to start thinking about how you’ll get to Disney. Will you be traveling by car or plane? Either way, you’ll need some things to keep those little ones occupied! These are also perfect for some quiet time in your hotel room.
For the younger crowd (1-5), this busy book will keep little fingers busy for hours. You can mix and match/ customize the pages to meet the needs of your child.
Read more here: Busy Book
Purchase here: Busy Book

For older children, these crayon holders and covered notepads are great for drawing, playing games, keeping a trip diary and can double as an autograph book once in the Disney parks!

Purchase here: Big Hero :: Elsa


For kids of all ages, these felt ‘non-paper’ dolls will keep you entertained for hours! Perfect for playing dress up, telling stories, etc.
Read more about them here: Non Paper Dolls
Purchase here: Non Paper Dolls

4. Your Magic Bands arrived in the mail today! Vacation must be right around the corner! Don’t want your Magic Bands to look like anyone else’s? Fear not, the company¬†Magic Your Band is here to help. This company makes ‘skins’ that can be applied to your Magic Band- choose from many of their pre-existing designs or if you’re artistically inclined, design your own! They offer discounts when you purchase more than one, and offer free shipping to boot! I had mine in less than a week from ordering. ¬†I cannot say enough about their awesome personalized customer service. ¬†If you are designing your own band, they can even send you a photoshop template to use to help you with your design. ¬†I may have even received a fun surprise or two in my package, but I will leave that for you to find when you order yours ūüėČ
Purchase here: Magic Your Band


5. Woo! Your vacation is almost here! Time to start packing! Every girl (little or full grown) needs a Minnie Bow to complete their outfit, and with all of these designs, you can have one that corresponds to every theme park!
Purchase here: Embroidered Minnie Ears
1IMG_8218-1 copy

Also perfect for wearing in the parks – these embroidered crowns and wands will complete any princess outfit and are much more durable than the plastic ones that are sold in stores.
Purchase here: Princess Wands and Crowns


For adults, these hand stamped necklaces and bracelets are a subtle way of showing your love for Disney. Several sayings are available and are suitable for both men and women (request a longer length for men when ordering).

Purchase here:
Hakuna Matata Bracelet
Just Keep Swimming Bracelet
Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust Bracelet
Dream it, Do it Bracelet
Let It Go Necklace
Just Keep Swimming Necklace
A Dream Is A Wish Your
Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust Necklace
Hakuna Matata Necklace
To Infinity and Beyond Necklace

6. You’re home from your magical Disney vacation and you want a way to remember the fun times you had on all of those attractions. Hang up this Disney themed subway art in your house as a reminder of the memories you created on vacation.
Purchase here: Disney Subway Art

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.02.35 AM

Which item on the list is your favorite? (Mine has to be those Minnie Mouse hair clips!). Can you think of anything else you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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