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Shameless plug for our Go Fund Me campaign – keep reading to learn more, and if you like what you’ve been seeing on my blog and my Etsy shop, consider making a donation- no donation is too small – even $1 will help us get closer to our goal!

This one time… at band camp…
Two crafty chicks met. They both had a love of sewing and were destined for bigger things.

Fast forward 16 years later; still crafting, still friends, and now both miltary wives on the move every few years looking for that dream job…

Instead of just talking about dreaming big, we thought, ‘why not just go into an online business together?’  The idea seemed perfect because it meant we could have a job no matter where the military sends us in the world.

We both recently jumped into the world of embroidery and loved it, yet were dissapointed because we couldn’t find just the right designs and ideas.  We started talking and realized that between the two of us, we had numerous artistic ideas for embroidery designs in our head, but no way of getting them from paper to reality.

Both having a talent and schooling in the creative arts, the idea of going into embroidery design sounded exciting and goes right along with our passion for embroidery.

As anyone knows, starting a business in today’s economy can be a financial hardship, so we are asking for help starting up our own design business called “Down The Shore Designs”.  The name is a throwback to where we met 16 years ago, and our home, the Jersey Shore.  The money will go toward purchasing digitizing software and supplies so that we can begin creating and selling embroidery designs to others.

We are excited about our new business venture!  Thanks for reading our story and helping our dreams come true.

Thank you!
Dana and Carissa

If you wish to donate to our fund, please visit our Go Fund Me Page

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