Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberry Bites

Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberry Bites

So regular readers of my blog will know my current predicament, but for those just tuning in, I’ll give you a quick recap– my husband and I are currently living in temporary housing on an Air Force base in Alabama while he goes through some training.  While I’m thankful that I was able to come along with him for these few months, the lack of a kitchen is really starting to get to me!  We have a small kitchenette, but it only consists of a toaster, refrigerator, sink and a 2-burner stove. So all of our meals have to be cooked on a stovetop.  We are making the best of it, but I can’t wait to get home to our (still tiny) apartment where at least I have an oven, and baking supplies, and spices!

But I digress.  Life’s an adventure, right?  Tonight’s adventure has us going to a group barbecue with all the families in his class, and each family is bringing along something. We are in charge of dessert, but with no oven, baking was out of the question.  I was wandering around the grocery store trying to come up with something when I saw this….


A glorious 5 lb container of strawberries for $1.00.  A dollar!  They were on the “day old” rack, but besides a few starting-to-turn-brown ones, majority looked great.  I immediately thought of those hollowed out strawberries filled with raspberry sauce that I had seen on Pinterest, when I came up with these chocolate cheesecake strawberry bites.  I figured I’d grab a tub of some cheesecake filling and top it with some drizzled chocolate.  Who doesn’t love cheesecake-chocolate-strawberry combo? Bonus– it’s light and refreshing *and* I didn’t need an oven!

My final ingredient list looked like this– 5 lb tub of strawberries, 1 bag of chocolate chips (It’s 2 weeks after Easter- I found these adorable Nestle “springtime” mix of chips: they’re pink, yellow and chocolate on clearance- so cute!), and a tub of Philadelphia honey flavored cream cheese (I couldn’t find any cheesecake filling– but this turned out to be an awesome combo!).  The cream cheese also came in strawberry and blueberry flavoring, both of which I bet would taste amazing.1DSC_0320

The “recipe” (there’s no cooking involved- can I still call it a recipe?) is simple.  Wash those strawberries.1DSC_0317

Cut the tops off, and then slice in half.  I decided to go this route, because hollowing them out seemed like a waste of strawberry.1DSC_0323

And then take those beautiful hollowed strawberries and smear some cream cheese on top and top with a few chocolate chips.  If I had my cake decorating set with me, I think it would look really cute if I piped the cream cheese on- it would definitely make it look more “finished”.  Also, if I had regular chocolate chips, it might also be cute to melt the chocolate and drizzle it on top.  The possibilities are endless!1DSC_0325

Seriously- how cute are these? Perfect for those spring and summer barbecues! 1DSC_0339

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