Valentine’s Day Wreath

I was a bit depressed after taking down all the holiday decorations.  After having them up since before Thanksgiving (yeah, we’re *those* people) the house just looked so plain!  Now it’s time to perk the place up with a bit of love with my Valentine’s Day Wreath.  The whole thing took less than an hour to put together and cost less than $10 to make (thanks to almost everything being on sale at the craft store- got to love luck like that!)

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You will need:

A grapevine wreath (mine measures about 16 inches wide, but I took the misshapen “Charlie Brown” wreath)
Burlap fabric (not much, scraps will work- if you have to buy it, you’ll only need 1/8 of a yard)
Fabric Paint
Scrapbook Paper
Wooden Hearts
2 Spools of ribbon- one 1-2 inches wide and wired and one 1/2 inch wide
Mod Podge
Glue Gun
Wire (not pictured)- floral or medium weight jewelers wire will be fine


First, trace your hearts onto scrapbook paper, cut out and using a light layer of Mod Podge, attach the paper to the wood.  Allow to dry.

While the hearts are drying, measure the inside of your wreath to figure out how big the burlap bunting should be.  I wanted to write ‘LOVE’ which is four letters, and the inside of my wreath is 12 inches, so 12 divided by 4 is 3.  I wanted my bunting to be slightly smaller than that, so my triangles were 2.5 inches wide at the top by 3.5 inches long. Cut out one triangle for each letter.

On each triangle, using the fabric paint, paint one letter.  Allow to dry.

By this point, the hearts should be dry, so again, using the Mod Podge, brush an even layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper, making sure to use even, straight brush strokes. It will look milky at first, but it should dry clear.  Make sure to go over the edges as well to seal it.

Cut a piece of your 1/2 inch ribbon a few inches longer than the width of the inside of your wreath. This ribbon will hold the bunting.  Since I used a grapevine wreath, I was able to wrap the ribbon around a few of the twigs and hot glue the edge down.

Using your wide ribbon, make a bow, leaving a long tail on each end. (I wanted my bow off center, so I left one tail longer than the other so that it could go around the edge of the wreath).  Using your floral or jewelers wire, affix it to the wreath, letting the tails hang free for now.

By now, the hearts and letters should be dry, so lay out where you would like everything to be attached.  Once you have an arrangement you like, use a hot glue gun to affix the burlap bunting to the ribbon and the hearts to the wreath itself.

I like to turn it over and add more hot glue to the hearts so that I know they are stuck to the wreath very well.

While it’s drying, make a loop out of wire and wire it onto the back at the top center.


Last, decide how you would like the tails of the bow to be positioned.  You can wrap it around the wreath or, since it is wired, you can bend it and glue it at various points around the edge.  I went with that method. I found it easiest to hang it up and glue as I go, so that I knew it looked good when it would be hung up at the end.

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