Valentine’s Day Care Package

I’ve done a few care packages in the past (my favorites were my Orange You Glad orange themed package, my 12 Days of Christmas holiday package and my Birthday/fall care package). They’ve been fairly elaborate, and I do take a great deal of pride in creating a themed package that will bring my husband a little morale boost when he’s deployed, but sometimes you just need something quick and easy.  He’s going to be deployed for Valentine’s Day, but I know that if I wait until after he leaves to mail something it might not make it to him in time, so I wanted to put together something small that I could sneak into his suitcase just before he leaves.  It was really difficult thinking of little things that would be meaningful, and wouldn’t take up too much space!

I came up with a “week of love” my Valentine’s Day Care Package – sending him 7 small things to open one day at a time until Valentine’s Day.

Here’s an overall shot of everything:


Day 1: Red Velvet Cheesecake fudge (link to recipe below)
Day 2: “Love Letters” (a box of conversation hearts)
Day 3: Long Distance Relationship keychain (can be found in my Etsy store here)
Day 4: Goodnight Kisses
Day 5: Valentines Day coupon book
Day 6: “Our Life” Crossword puzzle
Day 7: Valentine’s Day card

The red velvet cheesecake fudge (recipe) took up the most space, but it was too cute not to include! Plus, I figure he can share it with his crew.

The love letters is pretty self explanatory and easy – I just stuck a sign on a box of conversation hearts.

The keychain is a new item I developed for my Etsy shop and can be found here. It’s two washers stacked on top of one another- the top half says “half my <3 is deployed" and the bottom half has the coordinates of where your loved one is located. 1DSC_5566

The goodnight kisses was another easy peasy one- I grabbed a few Hersey kisses, put them in a bag and attached a little tag to it made from a paint chip.
Speaking of paint chips, I made him a little coupon book out of paint chips. I cut out I <3 U from a white paint chip, glued it onto a red one, and then stapled it to a few other paint chips. On each paint color, I wrote a little coupon such as "I'll do the dinner dishes" or "Saturday morning breakfast of your choice". 1DSC_5601


Next up, I made him a crossword puzzle. I used this site to type up a list of words and clues and it instantly generated a free crossword puzzle (there are fancier versions that you can purchase, but I printed out the free one). I then cut it out with decorative scissors and attached it to some card stock.

Last up is the card. I used a paper quilling technique to make the rose and wrote “Roses are red, sometimes they’re thorny, when I’m without you, I get….” and on the inside, it says “corny”. hehe. I think that will definitely put a smile on his face.


(PS- I’d say the Hand Lettering class I’m taking online is paying off – if you want to check it out, click here – it really is a great class, and if you click my link, you’ll save $10!)



I also added a little gift for his crew- Part of their deployment is to grow a deployment mustache, so I made up some chocolate mustache lollypops and printed out these cute little cards from Design Dazzle to attach them too. I know it’s corny, but when they’re away from home, the cornier the better!



It’s not my most elaborate care package, but I think it’ll cheer him up, and it’ll show him that I’m thinking of him while he’s away, plus it’s small- I can fit it all into a small lunch-sized paper bag (which I also decorated) and slip it into his suitcase before he heads out. Now for me, how should I spend Valentine’s Day? Spa? Pedicure? Any suggestions?

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