Recycled Book Pumpkin

I know it’s only a few days until Halloween, but I think this decoration can carry you right through to Thanksgiving!
Last week, I was visiting home and my family and I created this with my mom.  My mom is a librarian and the teen group at her branch did a craft very similar to this and she said they came out adorable. She grabbed a few books from the discard pile and this past weekend while I was visiting we made our own version of it.
A funny little back story- I was actually home visiting family because I was going to a friends wedding- and the wedding was library and fall themed, so we made one for her and it was such a hit with the bride and all the guests!




First, get yourself a book that you don’t mind destroying.  Check the thrift store or your local library for some that are headed to the discard pile that way you aren’t ruining a good book!  Make sure it’s fairly thick (At least an inch to an inch and a half) and soft covered.  Begin by peeling off the cover and outside binding (leaving the pages intact on the edge).

20131029-163833.jpg Next, cut out a pumpkin pattern from a piece of paper.  The size will depend on the size of your book.  Here’s a general idea of what my pumpkin shape looked like.20131029-163852.jpg

Next, trace your pumpkin shape onto the first page of the book.20131029-163908.jpg

Then, cut along the line- I grabbed between 5-10 sheets of paper at a time.  You could use sharp scissors or an exacto knife.  I found the scissors to work for majority of the cutting and then I used the exacto knife to trim away the curve near the binding.20131029-163925.jpg

Continue tracing and cutting until you’ve cut all your pages.20131029-163943.jpg



Halfway there!20131029-164032.jpg


Whew.  Give yourself a hand massage now- you deserve it!

(Side note – if you have a band saw, you could cut this on there- after my mom and I cut through ours, my dad walked in and goes “you know you could have that done in seconds on the band saw…” and then he cut his own in seconds…)20131029-164106.jpg

Take your pumpkin outside (or into a well ventilated area), and paperclip the first and last few pages together.  You may have to bend the spine of the book in several places in order to get the proper curve.  Work with it- it’ll get there!20131029-164128.jpg

Fluff it up so it’s circular.20131029-164151.jpg

And then lightly spray the edges with orange spray paint.  Stand fairly far away (we were about 2 feet away) so that the pages just get a light spritz on the edge and don’t get over saturated.20131029-164206.jpg

After it’s dry, spread a generous line of hot glue onto the spine, and curl it around to glue it permanently into the circular shape.  You could also glue together the first and last pages, but our spine was fairly flexible so we didn’t have to do that.20131029-164233.jpg

Grab yourself a stick from outside, hot glue it on top and then tie a ribbon around the stem to finish it off! We used an orange ribbon here, but green would look cute as well, as it could simulate a leaf.20131029-164256.jpgHere it is displayed at my friends wedding:

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8 thoughts on “Recycled Book Pumpkin

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  2. Kristi Christensen

    Oh my heck that is so cute, I am going to try that for next Halloween!! I love Halloween decorations & that is so creative. :)

    1. SewIn2Disney Post author

      You don’t even have to wait until next year- I think this decoration will carry you through to thanksgiving!

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