Brownie In A Mug Mix

I know I’m a little late on that whole brownie in a mug fad, but this is a new twist. A few weeks ago, I had this insatiable craving for some brownies, and I needed them *now*. I googled various recipes, but most included an egg, and I really didn’t want that much fat and cholesterol in my already unhealthy snack, so I made up my own recipe. What I ended up with had a molten chocolate cake texture to it and it was ah-maze-ing!
I made it for my husband the next day and he just couldn’t get over how it was cooked in the microwave in a minute and a half! He was amazed to say the least, so needless to say, we’ve been making a mug for dessert almost every other day!

Now, these brownie in a mug things are awesome, but it is a bit time consuming to measure out 1-2 tablespoons of 8 different ingredients every night, so I decided to streamline the process, and what I ended up with was my own brownie in a mug mix!
Brownie In A Mug Mix

I stored mine in a large 4 cup Mason jar, and this got my gears turning…. wouldn’t this make a great holiday gift? I think so! Who wouldn’t love a jar of brownie mix? I’m thinking of pairing it with a jar of homemade caramel sauce (The most awesome, and easy (!!) recipe can be found here), and maybe a mug or two. Add a cute little tag and you’ve got yourself an easy holiday gift that can be put together in an afternoon. Double or triple the recipe and make enough for all of your friends!

Without further adieu, my recipe:

(Makes 8 servings, enough to fit in a 4 cup Mason Jar).
(We find that 1 serving is plenty to share between the two of us – the molten center makes it very rich…especially if you pair it with the caramel sauce I linked to above or ice cream — or both!)

1/2 Tablespoon salt
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar (loose- not packed down)
2 cups flour

Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl. Pour into an airtight container to store.

To make the brownies:
In a microwave safe mug, melt 2 Tablespoons of butter. To it, add 2 Tablespoons of milk, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla and 5/8 cup (or 10 Tablespoons) of the brownie mix. Stir well and microwave for 90 seconds. Allow to cool for a moment and enjoy!
We love it topped with caramel, ice cream or whipped cream.

After I packaged mine up and I got the idea to turn it into a gift, I thought it might look even cuter if it was layered in a jar instead, so I made up a second jar to see how it looked! I poured the flour in first, followed by the cocoa powder, then the sugar, sprinkled the salt, and finally topped it with the brown sugar, so it makes a white/brown stripe. So cute!

For gift giving, I made this cute little tag so that the receiver knows how to make their new brownies. The tag on the left is if you mix it up before putting it in a jar, the tag on the right is if you layer it (it gives the receiver directions to stir up all the ingredients before using). The tag design came from The Cottage Market.
To use the tag, right click the image below to save it to your computer. You can then send it to your favorite photo printer and print it out as a 4×6 printer, or load it into your word processing program to print it out at home.


If you try this recipe (or decide to give it as a gift!) let me know in the comments. I’m loving this whole recipe in a jar thing to- do you have any recipe in a jar mixes you love? Share them with me! Comment below, or stop by my Facebook page to leave me a picture. If you use Instagram, make sure to follow/tag me at @SewIn2Disney and use hashtag #handmadeisbetter ! Thanks for sharing/following!


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    1. SewIn2Disney Post author

      It is very dangerous- don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you! Thanks for the pin! Your caramel is totally amazing- I have recommended it to many people in the past week! It’s going to go great with a jar of my brownie mix for holiday gifts- it’s a match made in heaven!

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