I’m On The Move – And Ready To Craft Again!

I know my blog has been a little sparse lately, but I’m ready to get back into the crafting game again! Between the wedding, honeymoon and moving cross country, my time has been a little full lately, but I can officially say that the movers have come and gone and I am fully unpacked and ready to get my DIY on!

Boxes and packing paper everywhere! (Actually- this was the neatest part of the boxes- I’d be ashamed to show what the rest of the place looked like)

My new favorite part about my sewing/crafting room- a huge “art” sign!
A little back story on the sign:
Back in high school and college (and beyond) (2001-2007), I worked at a East coast craft store chain, Rag Shop. To this day, it still remains my most favorite job (and I’ve been a graduate assistant, worked at an Italian ice place, spent 3 years as a teacher and more). In 2007, the company went bankrupt and out of business– leaving myself, my co-workers (who were like family) and many of our loyal customers devastated. The building that our store was in sat vacant for quite a few years before something finally moved into it, and call it coincidence or dumb luck, but I happened to be going by when they were taking down the huge (2-3 foot) neon letters that read “Rag Shop Fabric and Crafts”.


I sweet talked the demolition guy into letting me take a letter for posterity sake. When his response was “heck- take them all, it’s less I have to dispose of”, I took that as an open invitation to take the entire word of “Crafts”. For 3 years now, these 20″ letters have been sitting in storage, but now that I have my own craft room, they can once again be on display. Unfortunately, I added some book shelves for storage, and they take up too much wall space, so I couldn’t fit the whole word, but I rearranged the letters and wrote out “art” instead. I am so in love with my new piece of decor and I can’t wait to get into that sewing room and start making art!

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