“Orange You Glad” Care Package

Deployments suck.  Pardon my French, but they do.  In order to make them less suck-y, I try to keep myself occupied (which hasn’t been too hard since starting this blog! I love sharing my crafts/wedding planning/recipes with you!).  One way to keep myself occupied and feeling productive is by planning care packages to send to my fiancé while he’s deployed.  Our first deployment together, I sent him two or three care packages, but they weren’t anything special- my mom and I bought a bunch of food and toiletries and stuff we thought he’d like and threw it in a box.  I’m sure he appreciated them, but there wasn’t any fun or wow factor going on.

Then I discovered the Love From Home blog where she showed off these ah-maze-ing care packages she was sending to her fiancé. They were themed, they were colorful, they made me wonder why hadn’t I been doing this all along? So for his second deployment, I stepped up my game and sent him a combo Birthday/Halloween/Bits from home care package– still not themed to the hilt, but it was a start. Then, I got real creative with my 12 Days of Christmas Care Package. I sent him 12 different gifts, each corresponding to the number of the day, for him to open in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each gift was separately wrapped, with a tag, the box was lined with wrapping paper, and I even made him a little Air Force stocking. Ahhhh…much better.

Now we’re on our third deployment. And I must admit, I’ve slacked a little bit. I’ve been wedding planning (our wedding is in 40 days today!), so while I have been gathering things for his care package (I actually started before he even left…) I just got around to sending it today- on the halfway point of his deployment. I did send him a few cards and postcards, so it wasn’t as if I completely ignored him, it’s just that this is the only box I sent.

Enough babbling….onto my care package. I call it the “Orange You Glad” care package– everything inside is orange and on the flaps of the box, I wrote “Orange You Glad We’re Getting Married Soon?” (He gets home less than a week before our wedding!)

Orange You Glad Care Package

A quick overview of everything
Orange You glad care package

Just the food items- we’re both trying to get fit and healthy for our wedding, so I tried to stick with healthy things, but I couldn’t resist sending him a bag of Reeses.  Besides that there’s: Monster Trail Mix from Target (his favorite), Kashi peanut butter granola bars, Goldfish crackers, peanut butter/cheese crackers, a chocolate bar (hey- it was orange!) and 3 containers of his favorite cereal, Krave (for those days when we FaceTime for too long and he misses breakfast).

Some clothing- The NJ shirt is from Dunkin Donuts (his absolute favorite place)- and it raises money for Hurricane Sandy.  Even though he doesn’t live in NJ anymore, it’s still where we grew up, and many of our favorite beaches and boardwalks were destroyed in the storm, so I thought this shirt would be nice.  I also sent him Blistex (another favorite of his), a pair of Mets flip flops (shower shoes perhaps?) and as a little joke a pair of “hot stuff” boxer shorts and orange t-shirt.  I figured he could wear them to bed– just a little something to put a smile on his face :)

And last– a big puzzle book (because he keeps saying he gets bored in his downtime) and the Knot Guide For the Groom– it’s a humorous book about weddings and wedding planning written especially for guys.  I went through and highlighted/added notes for him– I hope he actually reads it!

Last, I made this little keychain– it’s something I sell in my Etsy Shop, but I thought he might like it too. It’s a metal stamped “lucky penny” keychain that says “lucky us” and our initials.


And here’s everything all packed up– is it just me or did Priority Mail boxes get smaller? lol

Side Note- you can go to your post office and ask for the Military Priority Mail boxes- they say “America Salutes You” on the outside and, if you use them, you get a $2 discount on shipping.  It’s not much, but it’s something!

I’ll have to post pictures when he gets it– I love to FaceTime with him when he opens his care packages, so I’ll try to get some screen shots!

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