Handmade Bridesmaids Clutches

In a quest to DIY as much as my wedding as possible, I made my bridesmaids not-quite-matching clutches.  I knew I wanted part of their bridesmaid gift to be a clutch filled with “wedding day essentials”, so I started to look around for some ideas.  The problem is, I found too many ideas!  I decided that I have 3 different bridesmaids, so I should have 3 different clutches (plus, one for myself!).  Here’s all four clutches (in our wedding colors- navy and coral)


I had so much fun filling them with items I think they’d need on the big day! I got nail files, Tic Tac mints, hand cream, small mirror, a comb, some clear band aids, Chapstick, some bobby pins that I attached to a piece of card stock, and my favorite part– little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works that have a diamond ring on them and say “I love bling!”.  How perfect are they for a wedding?

1DSC_2340 copy

Each clutch measures 9in x 5in and have a small strap to hang from their wrist. They are all made out of satin which was strengthened with fusible interfacing.  They are all lined with a silk cotton lining.  Below, I have a picture of each clutch and a link to where I found the tutorial on how to make it.  Note* I did not follow the directions for each tutorial exactly– I modified them to fit my needs, but the basic directions are there.

I used this blog for the instructions on how to make the Bow Clutch.


For this clutch, I just made it up as I went along, but it was based loosely on the clutch featured here — the top is a single band, the middle has four little pleats in it, and the bottom is a single band.  The flowers were made by me, and a tutorial on how to make them can be found here.  The same flowers will also be adorning the bridesmaids dresses.


This clutch I made up as I went along– It is just a basic rectangle with a little ruffle sewn on.  I made the ruffle by making a tube out of the fabric,  basting a running stitch down the middle, gathering it, and then sewing it down onto the front piece of the clutch before sewing everything together.


For this clutch, I used the tutorial found here. That blog also had a fabulous tutorial on how to insert the zipper. I used her tutorial for that on all four clutches, and let me say that they came out so professional looking!


Can you think of anything else I should include in the clutches?

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